Data Protection Solution






Next Generation Unified Data Protection Solution
​ Powered by heterogeneous, image-based technology that protects to and from any target, it unifies enterprise-ready features without the complexity of traditional solutions.

Image Product​ Description​ Features​
Arcserve UDP

x86 Physical, Virtua Machines, Cloud support​

OS and Data Backup​

Block Device, Cloud, Tape Backup​

BIOS, uEFI support​

Cross-platform hardware BMR​

Promptly recovery to Physical and Virtual Server​

Changed Block Backup, Infinite Incremental Backup, Deduplication​

Arcserve Backup

Unix, x86 Physical and Virtual Machines, Cloud support​

Database and Data Backup

Block Device, Cloud, Tape Backup​

Database and Data Backup

Dashboard and Infrastructure visualization​

Arcserve Appliance

All-in-one Solution​

OS, Data Backup, Realtime Replication, High-Availability​

Tape, Cloud support​

Image Backup​



  • Recovery​

    Image and Logical recovery

    File-level & application-level restore from a single backed up image​

    P2V Migration

    Automatic migration within VMWare, Hyper-v, Nutanix(AHV) from the backed up image of physical and virtual server. ​

  • Performance​

    Full snapshot based backup(image backup) provides high performance backup, irrelevant to the number of files. ​

    Global Deduplication: De-duplication same data block among servers. ​

    Source-level Deduplication: Transport data after de-duplication, it reduces backup time and network usage. ​

  • Security​

    High-Availability of backed up Data​

    Cloud, Virtualization, Tape automatic migration(Archiving)​

  • Centralized Management 

    Korean character user interface ​

    Single console for Image backup, Infinite incremental backup, Cross-platform support, Archiving tape, Cloud, Virtualization ​

    Easy to use : Single user interface with integrated unified data protection technology.​